Fate/Stay Free2Play

               Literature is simply a body of written works. It is basically a record of, if not all, most human activities, stories and events from the past, or even the imagination of people. Also, literature immortalized the names of those who made huge impacts during their time. Their stories were passed on from generation to generation.Until today, the legends still exist. Whether or not they actually happened, the tales of heroes winning battles, saving nations, and even dying for a great cause became an inspiration for pop culture media. A good example for this is the fate series. The fate series is part of fans would call the “Nasuverse”.The “Nasuverse” was mainly the creations of Kinoko Nasu, a Japanese author who also co-founded the gaming company Type-Moon along with the illustrator Takashi Takeuchi. The fate series originated from the visual novel Fate/Stay Night, which features a Japanese high school student who got caught in a battle for the coveted Holy Grail.

               The battle, known as the Holy Grail War, involves seven magi or “masters”, each would summon a hero to serve and fight for them until only one master is left to take the Grail. The Grail is described as a wish-granting vessel, thus its value. The heroes, known as “servants”, are individuals who, at some point, displayed feats of heroism during their life. Some of them are the ever-famous son-of-a-god Hercules, the Greek warrior who possessed an incredible amount of strength, Cu Cuhlainn, who is basically an Irish version of Hercules, and finally King Arthur, the once king of Britain, leader of the Round Table, and wielder of the legendary sword Excalibur.  One thing that actually caught my attention is how they classified the servants according to their fighting style. They were classified into seven classes: Sabers, or swordsmen, Archers, anyone who can shoot projectiles, Lancers, experts in lances or spears, Riders, or those who kind of ride something, Casters, or magic experts, Assassins, the silent killers, and Berserkers, who are basically warriors-gone-mad.

                Eventually, the Fate/Stay Night visual novel became popular and expanded the fate franchise. It gave birth to a lot of prequels, sequels, spinoffs, and even games. Fate/Zero, for instance gained success as a light novel and as an animated series. Upon its TV release in 2011, it gained praises for its overall amazing elements. In fact, it even sold more or less 40000 Blu-ray copies and won “Title of the Year” in the Newtype anime awards.The fate franchise also reached the gaming platform. Fate/Hollow Ataraxia is a visual novel PC game that was released in 2005. It served as the sequel to the original Fate/Stay Night. The game introduces a new class, Avenger. Other examples of fate games are Fate/Extra for PSP and Fate/Extella Link for PS4.

               In my opinion, the greatest hit of the fate franchise is the mobile game from Aniplex, Fate/Grand Order. It is a single player, turn-based, role-playing game that was released in Japan in 2015. Later in 2017, an English and Korean version of the game was also released. During that year, the game grossed over 982 million USD and became the year’s sixth highest grossing mobile game. And as of 2018, it reached worldwide revenue of about 3 billion USD.The game follows the adventures of Ritsuka Fujimaru and Mash Kyrielight as they try to save the world from getting incinerated. As the story goes on, more and more servants are also being introduced. From divinities such as Ishtar and Tamamo-no-Mae to the more modern personalities such as Thomas Edison and Mata Hari, Fate/Grand Order became a collection of some of my favourite historical characters.

                Its gameplay is quite similar to that of the earliest Final Fantasy games. But unlike those, the game progresses through an interactive story-telling. It may seem a bit too easy in the beginning, but gradually becomes difficult in the end. A high-stakes quest would often require a player to pick the best servants for his/her team. In doing so, a lot of things, such as class advantage, must be considered, since the game follows a rock-paper-scissors mechanics for the class typing. In fact, math is also a factor to this game. A player must carefully consider damage multipliers, number of hit counts, accessibility of certain skills, and many more. Also, in order for a team to work efficiently, a player must also pick the best support servants and items (called craft essences). If these are not done correctly, a player may struggle in keeping his/her servants alive and finishing any given quest. Also, servants require certain in-game materials for strengthening. As far as I know, levelling them up really takes a lot of time and effort. Grinding for some items even gets frustrating due to their low drop rates. Other players would even refer to the game as “Fate/Grind Order” due to the difficulty of obtaining materials in this game.

               In this game, the storyline nor the gameplay is not what really matters, it’s the characters. Fate/Grand Order, like I said, is a collection of different historical personalities. What’s fun about it is that you can play who you want to play. After all, the strength of the weapon depends on its wielder.In support of this, apparently the illustrators of the characters understood the impacts of giving a bit of “fan service”. From the gender bending, to the release of awfully attractive-looking characters, some players see this as something worth saving that in-game currency for.

               The downside of this, however is that most players are forced to spend much on micro transactions. And sadly, spending that much cannot really guarantee that you’ll get what you want. Servants are taken by performing Gachapon rolls which requires in-game currency that can be earned by grinding through quests, or by simply buying it. As a matter of fact, Fate/Grand Order is considered to be one of “Sony’s most profitable games” (Wall Street Journal, 2018). A 31-year old Japanese player even spent nearly 70000 USD. According to him in an interview, he would often pay more or less 500 USD for a single character, yet would spend more to get four more copies of it. Now you may wonder “How could he spend that much on a mobile game?” Even as a player, I could not answer that as well. I believe that I must stay free-to-play. In the end, it is still a game of chances. But maybe it is something for everyone to reflect upon. Are your investments worth it?

               The idea of seeing King Arthur as a woman may sound weird, but Type-Moon pulled it off. Many shenanigans were thrown into the entire franchise as it expanded, yet its success cannot be denied. The fate series did a great job in recreating the names of the heroes of the past. Inaccurate as it may be, seeing all these heroes in view of another artist’s imagination is quite an amazing thing too. Now, I am looking forward not only to the game’s further expansion, but to the community’s as well. After all, it does feel lonely playing this  game alone.

Victor Deck Build

This is my Nova Grappler Victor Deck

Hey, how’s it going 😀

Now, I’m gonna feature my very own Exxtreme Battler, Victor Deck (Cardfight Vanguard)
Sadly, I cannot give a deck build video or a picture for my deck since it’s not with me now. So, I’ll just give you one of the earliest basis of my deck when I was building it. Click on the link below :3

Victor Deck Build Pre GFC03

That deck build was my basis for my deck build before the G fighter’s Collection Set 3, Which was released 2 months after the build. Presently, this is my deck build:

1x Extreme Battler, Runbhol (SVG)
4x Drone Baron (Draw)
2x Energy Girl (Stand)
2x Extreme Battler, Break-pass (Crit)
4x Red Lightning (Crit)
4xRing Girl, Ai (Heal)

3x Clay-doll Mechanic
3x Extreme Battler, Arashid
4x Extreme Battler, Malyaki
4x Lady Cyclone

3x Cool Hank
4x Extreme Battler, Arbarail
4x Extreme Battler, Sazanda

2x Asura Kaiser
2x Envoy of Righteousness, Crystaldevil
4x Exxtreme Battler, Victor

1x Air Element, Sebreeze
1x Dark Element, Dizmel
4x Meteokaiser, Bustered
1x Meteokaiser, Tribrut
2x Meteokaiser, Victoplasma
4x Meteokaiser, Victor
3x Righteous Superhuman, Blue Prison

Some explanations:
>I run 2 Asura Kaisers since its skill is not G dependent. So, It could be very useful for an early game rush
>I run 1 Dizmel because its resist is very useful, especially for control player who hates my Sazanda 😦
>Claydoll Mechanic, Unflipper PG and Red Lightning is good for unflipping since this deck is counterblast heavy. However, I am still thinking if I would add Starlight Hedgehog for my grade 2’s. Its unflip and draw is very useful but the 8000 power may be a bit of a problem
>I prefer running Runbhol as my SVG since it has no counterblasts and it is an excellent support for Cool Hank or Sazanda. AlsoSometimes Kabutron gets useless since I can’t use it for Bustered’s ability since it trim’s my reearguards to 4.
>I trimmed Victoplasma to 2 since there’s already too many counterblast user in the deck. Meteokaiser Victor is effective since its skill does not require any counterblast.
>Lastly, a Victor deck is incomplete without Sazanda. It is an excellent combo for almost everything in the deck. It serves as an insta-10000 power to him for every stand and it just gets worse and worse as the battle goes on.

Tell me what you think. Is my deck good, bad, or full of flaws. Let me know by commenting. Thank you, and that’s all for da day 😉

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COTD (December 7,2016)

Hey, how’s it going 😀

For today’s featured card, I picked the card Buster Blader from the YuGiOh TCG

As we all know, Buster Blader is one of the most iconic cards of Yugi in the anime series. He was so popular back then that he even got a fusion monster with another iconic character, Dark Magician. Now, here are the stats of the cards:

Name: Buster Blader
First Realeased: 2004
Set/s Released:
Dark Beginning( Super Rare)
Pharaoh’s Servant (Ultra Rare)
Anniversary Pack (Ultra Rare)
Duelist Pack: Yugi (Common)
Retro Pack 2 (Super Rare)
Battle Pack: Epic Dawn (Common)
Battle Pack: Epic Dawn (Starfoil Rare)
Legendary Collection 3: Yugi’s World Mega Pack (Secret Rare)
Starter Deck Yugi – Reloaded (Common)
Duelist Pack: Battle City (Rare)
Yugi’s Legendary Decks (Common)
Legendary Decks II (Common)
Structure Decks: Yugi Muto (Common)

This card has a good balance of attack and defense. Technically it can work with both properly. However, it is pretty much useless against non dragon based decks. Its skill is very conditional yet devastating.

My personal rating: 7.5/10

My own Buster Blade

Let me know what you think. How would you rate it, any comments, reactions and anything, let me know

That’s all 😛

The Best There Is

Hey, how’s it going 😀

Personally, I do think that this hobby, Trading Card games, is a very ideal hobby. You can play it as long as you have a decent table, some money (or maybe a lot of money), and a vast imaginative and strategic mind (NEEEERD!!!) As a collector, I want to try every TCG there is. Regardless if I have a deck or not, I just want to play. From that, one question popped into my mind, “What is, or what could be the best TCG there is?

It may be a bit biased if I would say that Cardfight Vanguard is the best, just because it is where I invested the most, or since it is the easiest to learn among the TCGs I’ve tried. So, i’ll let you decide which TCG is it. Leave a comment, let me know how you feel, and the most mentioned TCG would be featured for the TCG of the month.

Welp, that’s all 😀

Expensive Vintage Cardboards

Hey, how’s it going 😀

Last night, I was looking for a card that would be featured for today supposedly. As I dig into the depths of my closet, I found a old binder full of old Pokemon cards. So, I browsed it, inspected every card, verified if its legit or not, and checked its condition. Then I ran across three foiled cards: Houndoom, Dewgong, and Moltres; all legit, but the condition is not very good. After doing some searching and price checking, these card boards, altogether, seem to be more expensive than my Beast Deity deck (Cardfight Vanguard). If their condition were mint, they would probably be more expensive than my Victor Deck and Beast Deity deck together (much wow).

Here are the stats of the three:

Name: Dewgong
Date of Realease: 2003
Set Realeased: Sjyridge (ENG)
Card Condition: Old but has no damage

This is the Rare print of Dewgong. In the Skyridge set, there is the Holo rare version and this, the less expensive Rare foil.


Name: Houndoom
Date of Realease: 2003
Set Realeased: Aquapolis(ENG)
Card Condition: Old, slightly damaged

The Aquapolis set released two versions of Houndoom, the Fire-type and Dark-type. What I have is obviously, the Fire-type.

Name: Blaine’s Moltres
Date of Realease: 2000
Set Realeased: Gym Heroes(ENG)
Card Condition: Old, slightly damaged

This is so far the most expensive Pokemon cardboard I have.

There are more cards in my binder. However, they still need some verification. So for now, these will be the cards of the day. After all, I was inactive for a week.

Tell me what you know about these vintage card boards. Leave a comment If you like today’s featured cards.

That’s all for da day 😀


COTD (Featuring my Fever)

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Well, as the title suggests, I’m sick and facing the PC is so difficult. Even as I typed this was hard for me. (So yeah, feel my pain as you read this). However, I also promised to post COTDs. so, I decided to feature a doctor, yeah..a doctor…her name says nurse, but she’s still a doctor…although this sickness doesn’t necessarily need a doctor, I’ll post it anyway 😀

Hahaha, welp, today’s COTD is just a spoof. When I get my health back, I’d really start the COTDs 🙂

Thanks for da support, aaand that’s all for da day 😉




Hey guys!

Just wanna say that I will be posting daily Cards of the Day…well, the name explains itself. I’ll probably base it on the newest card releases, my personal likes and favorites, or your picks. The card with the most votes/likes will be featured as the card of the week. This encompasses any card game depending on my basis…but I’m still gonna think about that sooner or later.

Well, that’s all 😉


Hey, how’s it going 🙂

Just some thoughts on the game Cardfight Vanguard…

Lately, I’ve been hearing a lot, and I mean A LOT of rants about how Cardfight Vanguard is becoming an unhealthy game for players. Most of them originated from the unbalanced giving of support to certain clans in the game. Clans like Nubatama and Oracle Think Tank (wait…Oracle Think Tank is a clan???) have the very least or at worst, no decent support at all. These clans, as you can say, are out of the meta. On the other hand though, yup, you guessed it right. Like what my title suggest, Gear Chronicle. As we Vanguard players know, this clan is sooo cancerous. Bushiroad just kept on throwing support at it every set release. It all started from the bottom-deck and time control mechanic to the cancerous time leap mechanic. Although I don’t have much experience fighting Gear Chronicle players, watching games from the local tournaments and seeing newly released cards from this clan makes me feel bad about my own clan (Nova Grappler..lol) who gets support maybe thrice or 4 times a year.

Well, these aew just some of my thougths. Let me know what you think. Do you agree, disagree, hate me, anything you feel. It’d be a great help and I’d really appreciate it. :3

That’s all for da day 😉

The First Step

Hey guys, how’s it going? 🙂

Just wanna share a few things on how I started building up my interest in TCGs

Duel Masters is a TCG very similar to MTG. When I was a kid, I was watching the animated series that features this card game. Of course, I was a kid back then and I had no money to buy a deck (my parents won’t even 😥 …) and do believe me when I say…I learned playing this first before YuGiOh (considering that the YGO TCG is waaay more popular) Although I never actually played the actual game (although I’ve tried playing it at www.tradecardsonline.com) and I never really mastered the mechanics, I still think it’s a fun game, especially the old sets. I don’t even know how to use Psycho-something creatures and Survivor creatures (. _ . )

Anywaaays…here are my ratings and comments for the game
*everything is from a scale of 1-10

User-friendliness: 9
Art: 10
Accessibility: 5
Mechanics: 9

Overall: 8.25


The game is not really popular, so looking for an actual deck or deck parts is quite difficult, most especially in my area. For its mechanics and user-friendliness, although I could say that it would be easier to learn this game if you have prior experience on other TCGs, it is not as “wordy” as MTG. In my opinion, this game is like a kiddie version of MTG (lol xD). So yea, giving a rating of 9…and finally, I love the art and illustrations, that’s all I can say about that.

Do give me your opinions, do you agree, disagree, hate me, or anything you feel..Let me know, I’d appreciate it 😉

P.S. I’m an armature at stuff like these xD so don’t judge

That’s all for da day

Welcome to the club :D

Greetings, hobbyists, nerds, fans, and anyone on the same side with me.Well, technically this blog basically contains some discussions, strategies, commentaries, reactions, and other related stuff about card games (or even board games) that I, the author, have tried playing or have been playing. Have fun as we venture into our inner “Geekdom”.

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